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Why Us

It is very important to select a quality nut and bolt while manufacturing any machine. Although these are tiny things but even if a single nut is missing your machine will never work properly. And it is also not possible to change these things daily. So a high quality nut and bolt should be used in the manufacture of any product to avoid trouble in our day to day life.

BRK industries provide you the best quality nuts and bolts. The material used to manufacture the goods is 100% pure and trustworthy. We have been certified by the ISO & CE for the quality of our products. The trust shown by so many customers makes us work harder day by day. Products from are company are durable and long lasting.

A variety of products is manufactured by our company which includes all types of nuts, bolts, washers, sockets, threaded rods and many more. The products we manufacture are traceable and the raw material used by us is also of very good quality. A team of experienced workers work day and night to produce best quality product with good finishing.

We not only manufacture but also deliver the products. You just need to send us your name and address details properly while placing an order. The product will be at your door within the specified time. The delivery rates are also reasonable.

The amount you pay to us is affordable and reasonable. Instead of paying many times it is always suggested to buy a product at reasonable price which stays with you for a long time. The products we produce are rust free because of zinc plating, strong and hence last long.

Without giving a second thought one should surely chose BRK industries for all these products. We have been trusted by thousands of customers around the world and we will try our 100% to live up to your expectations also.

Our experience since 1980 in manufacturing the products make us the best. The appreciation and the encouragement we get from our customers help us more to flourish in this field. The trust shown on us by these customers has made us what we are today.