BRK brands 'U' Bolts are available in Full Round, Half Round and Square profile.

They used in various applications like pipe clamping foundation support , installations and automotive support systems.

L Bolts

BRK Brand 'L' Bolts are available in various diameters lenghts and bends used mostly for foundation purpose.

Eye Bolts & Hooks

BRK Brand 'Eye' Bolts and Hooks have a generalized hardware application .

We offer:

Forged Eye Bolts-for load bearing applications.

Bent Eye Bolts (open/closed welded) - for hardware application.

The Process

The above mentioned products are made by both Cold and Hot Bending/Forging processes. Special care is taken to reduce/eliminate strees pockets created during the bending procedure.

The Dimensions

'L' and 'V' Bolts are available in diameters M6 to M48 (and corresponding inch upto 2") 'Eye' Bolts in diameters M6 to M36 (and corresponding inch sizes 1.1/2").

All the above products can be supplied in mild steel or alloy ateels to customer specification. For high tensile applications all these products can be supplied with the appropriate heat treatment.

All the above mentioned Dimensions are available in inch sizes to British and American specifications.

Our Expertise


Block Phasphated

Zine plated [White, Yellow & Black]

Hot Dip galvanized

Chrome plated

Rilson Coating